Non-Senate Searches

Table of Contents

Introduction and Purpose

Summary of Overall Requirements and Timelines for Non-Senate Academic Recruitment

Creating the Search Plan

Overview for Creating the Search Plan
Basic Information about the Recruitment
Diversity Benchmarks and Goals
Applicant Qualifications
Planned Search and Recruitment Efforts
Selection Process and Plan 
Search Committee Membership and Roles
Additional Search Plan Documents
Disposition Reasons 
Application Requirements
Review and Approval of the Search Plan 

Conducting Outreach 

Evaluating Applicants

Overview of Activities During the Search
Assessment of Basic Qualifications
Guidelines for Review of Lecturer pools
Applicant Evaluation
Letters of Reference 
Selecting the Final Candidate

Completing the Search Report

Overview of Requirements to Complete the Search Report
Completing the Search Report 
Guidelines for the Search Committee Narrative
Guidelines for Failed Searches

Final Closing Instructions for Searches – Conclusion


Appendix A: Advertisement Checklist 
Appendix B: Advertisement Templates
Appendix C: Minimum Requirements for Short Advertisements
Appendix D: Sample Candidate Evaluation Form
Appendix E: Instructions for Adding a Non-Berkeley Affiliate to a Search Committee
Appendix F: Countering Selection Bias
Appendix G: Resources for Recruitment: Doctoral and Postdoctoral Directories
Appendix H: Optional Rejection Email Templates for Deselected Candidates
Appendix I: Outreach Emails Templates for Non-Senate Recruitments