Review individuals who applied by the Initial Review Date (IRD) or additional review dates (as needed)

Individuals who applied after the IRD should remain in the “unknown” bucket in AP Recruit. If there is a need to review individuals who applied after the IRD date an additional "private" or "public" review date can be assigned, which will reveal additional applicants who applied by the new date. For example, a second review date might be November 1 to consider applicants for lecturer positions for the spring semester. All individuals who applied since the start of the search up to this new review date should be reviewed, with the exception of those who are unqualified or who have previously been deselected.

Review each individual for meeting (or not) the basic qualifications as established in the advertisement.

It is recommended that on a regular basis the analyst assess the basic qualifications of new applications by reviewing the CV in AP Recruit. Assign a disposition reason to individuals who do not meet the basic qualifications; they will remain in the "unqualified" bucket and should not be considered further.

Determine the specific course needs for a lecturer

When a need for a lecturer arises, it may be for a course that requires specific expertise and/or experience. Briefly scan the CVs of the applicants who met the basic qualifications (those "qualified") to learn whether they have stated experience in the needed area. This can also be done by the analyst if the area of need is straightforward. Only those applicants who have the required experience need to be fully considered.

If the area of need is known initially (at the outset of setting up the search pool) the analyst can do this scan as part of the review for basic qualifications, and use a flag in AP Recruit to indicate the area for those who have the qualifications (for example, "developmental psychology," or "ceramics.").

Deselect all other applicants with "Other," and state that their area of expertise was not considered for this position. If a future need arises requiring different expertise, these deselected individuals may be considered at that time. Using the flags feature in AP Recruit will make it easier to find applicants with particular areas of expertise.

Conduct a more careful review of the sub-pool of applicants

Interview at least two individuals by phone, Skype (or in-person if desired). Deselect the others with an applicable reason from the list of disposition reasons.

Keep the statuses of those being considered for the position up-to-date. If applicants are interviewed use the "interviewed" status. If they are selected, move their status to "Proposed Candidate." Do not move any applicant beyond Proposed Candidate until after the search report is approved.

Provide a sentence or two about the individuals who were interviewed but not selected in the Comments field next to the disposition reason. Be very specific about the area, course, or field the candidate was being interviewed for (e.g., American History, Middle East History, French History). Also provide a statement about why the proposed candidate is being selected for the position, but do not choose a disposition reason since they are not being deselected. The search Report can be submitted immediately when these tasks are finished. There is no requirement for a Search Committee Narrative.

For each lecturer pool Search Report the following information needs to be clear for every applicant:

The semester or year of the specific hiring need (for example, for one semester – fall 2015, or both semesters – the 2015-16 academic year). 

The specific area or course the individual was considered for (e.g., Jazz, Chinese, U.S. History, Poverty in America, etc.). 

The individual’s status at the time the Search Report is submitted:

  • Permanent deselection (minimally qualified, reviewed, deselected – will not be considered again). When this is used it only needs to be stated once.
  • Wrong specialization (minimally qualified, reviewed, incorrect specialization, deselected for current specific search area, will be reviewed again next time)
  • Deselected for current need (minimally qualified, reviewed, correct specialization, not selected for an interview, will be reviewed again next time)
  • Interviewed (minimally qualified, reviewed, interviewed, not proposed candidate, will be reviewed again next time)
  • Proposed candidate (minimally qualified, reviewed, interviewed, selected).

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