Assessment of basic qualifications

  • Determine whether individuals who submitted an application by the initial review datemeet the basic qualifications necessary to be considered an applicant as stated in the advertisement. Assign disposition reasons for those who do not meet the basic qualifications.

Guidance for reviewing applicants in lecturer pools (or other recruitments that have an initial review date and are open until filled)

Applicant evaluation

  • Support the search committee in their review of applicants and use of AP Recruit.
  • Keep applicant statuses up-to-date throughout the evaluation period.
  • Provide disposition reasons for applicants who do not move forward for further consideration.
  • Review letters of reference or contact referees of finalists
  • Conduct interviews with at least two candidates
  • Select the proposed candidate(s) – analysts update the statuses and enter the Proposed Offer Information.
  • Analysts upload all evidence of advertising and outreach.

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