Making the final selection

Every search committee or faculty member conducting a recruitment should establish protocol for making the final candidate selection, including as applicable procedures for evaluating, discussing, voting and making recommendations on top candidates. Any significant departures from the established protocol should be discussed and agreed upon in advance.

Communicating with Candidates

  • Maintain communication with candidates. Keep them informed about where the committee is in the process, so they know whether or not they are still under consideration.
  • Respect unsuccessful candidates’ time by notifying them of their non‐selection as soon as a firm decision has been made, and prior to public announcement of appointments, rather than waiting until the entire search process has been completed. As soon as possible after an offer is accepted, finalists not chosen should be notified.

Discussing the Offer

  • The discussion of the soft offer should make it clear that all terms are contingent on approval by the campus (whether central campus or Dean). The discussion should include salary, anticipated start date, start-up needs, and space requirements, as relevant.
  • Be careful not to make promises that potentially cannot be kept. If something is beyond your immediate control or not supported by UC policy, do not promise or imply it in the process of making the soft offer or in hiring‐related conversations.

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