The purpose of this guide is to provide relevant information and procedures for faculty and staff to conduct effective and equitable searches for non-senate academic employees. The guide is organized broadly by  information and tasks necessary to create a Search Plan prior to launching a search, to evaluate candidates during the search, and to complete the Search Report once a candidate (or candidates) has been selected.

The University of California uses the system-wide online applicant tracking system AP Recruit, developed and maintained at UC Irvine, to support the academic recruitment process. For information on how to use the AP Recruit system see the AP Recruit User Guide (available at in the Academic Recruitment tab), which is updated regularly.

This Search Guide, along with the AP Recruit online system supports the University of California in fulfilling our academic interest in the pursuit of excellence and the legal requirement of non‐discrimination under federal and state laws. The commitment to diversity and equal opportunity recognizes that a diverse academic employee workforce enhances our academic mission of teaching, research, and service. The University also recognizes that a diverse workforce is essential for maintaining legitimacy as a public university dedicated to serving the needs of our increasingly diverse state.

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