Failed searches when no applicants were acceptable

If candidates were reviewed (whether anyone was interviewed or not), but no one in the pool or search was acceptable for the position a failed search report must still be submitted.

**When candidates are reviewed but none are deemed acceptable, a failed report is needed for liability purposes (for example, if a candidate not selected for a position later files a complaint, the University needs to demonstrate that there was a fair search and a clear rationale for not selecting the individual).**

The failed search report must include:

  • Candidate disposition reasons
  • Comments for candidates interviewed
  • Evidence of advertisement and outreach
  • Search Committee Narrative – brief description of why the search failed
  • All written materials created during the search (e.g., interview notes, completed evaluations tools, etc.)
  • Final candidate statuses
  • Title of the search report should indicate this is a failed search

Approvals: Submit the Search Report for approval in the standard manner for Search Reports.

Conclusion: After the search report is approved, conclude the search using the Conclusions feature on AP Recruit and select "No Candidates Proposed” under the search outcome.


Failed searches when no applicants were needed

If no candidates were needed no search report is needed (pools or IRD nonsenate searches)The Search can be concluded by selecting “No Candidates Proposed” or “Cancelled” under the Search Outcome, and add a sentence or two to explain the situation. The most common reasons include lecturer pools where no candidates were needed, or changes to funding that result in cancelling the search (even if applicants were already interviewed).