At the end of the search it is necessary to document the search process, and provide justification for the selection of the proposed candidate(s).

Search Report

  • Verify that the statuses of all individuals who submitted an application are correct and up-to-date
  • Enter the Proposed Offer Information about the proposed candidate(s)
  • Finish assigning candidate disposition reasons
  • Provide comments regarding individuals interviewed and the proposed candidate
  • Upload all documentation related to the search (Search Committee Narrative under “letters and memos” and documents created during the search, such as interview notes, under “interview notes”)
  • Provide evidence of all advertisement and outreach (including emails)
  • Summarize the actual search and recruitment efforts taken to encourage a broad and inclusive pool of applicants

Search Committee Narrative

  • Upload the summary of the search documenting the search process and the candidates considered for the position, and provide a compelling case for the candidate who is proposed (optional for lecturer, postdoctoral fellow, continuing educator, specialist, and project scientist recruitments).