Conduct the outreach specified in the planned search and recruitment efforts as part of the Search Plan (see Planned Search and Recruitment Efforts section).

Evaluate the applicant pool broadly for size, depth, and diversity on an as-needed basis before the initial review date. This can be done in AP Recruit as often as desired, but it is not necessary to submit the applicant pool for review and approval.

If a minimum 15-day recruitment period has been selected it is necessary to evaluate the applicant pool immediately after 15 days. If the pool lacks the necessary breadth, depth, or diversity sought, another public review date must be established for at least 15 additional days, with additional outreach efforts taken.

Please note: A Search Report submitted for a position in which there was a single qualified applicant and only 15 days of outreach will be declined, and the search will need to be re-opened.

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