A CalNet Affiliate or a Guest Account needs to be created to provide access to AP Recruit for non-Berkeley affiliates.

There is a list of HCM roles below which require the person to be an affiliate. If they do not have a role on the list, then use the guest role.

CalNet Affiliate:

HCM roles for Affiliate Status:

Consultant Contractor Committee Member HHMI Researcher LBL/DOE Post Doc
LBLOP Staff (can only be added by LBL CalNet Deputy)
Retired (can only be added by the Retirement Center)
Temp Agency Staff
Visiting Scholar
Visiting Student Researcher
UC/OP Affiliated Orgs

Calnet Guest Account:

Once this access is achieved a UID will be provided and can be viewed in the UCB directory. This UID is used to add the user in AP Recruit.

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