This section provides an outline of the overall academic recruitment tasks, including creating a Search Plan prior to launching a search, evaluating applicants during the search, and completing a Search Report once a candidate (or candidates) has been selected to put forward for appointment consideration. The subsequent sections provide more detail and rationale for each of the tasks in the bulleted lists below. In AP Recruit you will find the locations where the information described in this Search Guide is entered. The AP Recruit User Guide provides information specifically on logistics of navigating the AP Recruit system.

Creating the Search Plan and Launching the Recruitment

Approximate timeline: Allow approximately two – three weeks for creation and approval of the Search Plan and advertisement(s).

  • Prepare a Search Plan, including the advertisement.
  • Receive all required approvals, including the Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare (OFEW) as the final approver.
  • Publish the recruitment upon approval.

Outreach and Applicant Pool Review

Timeline: Allow a minimum of 30 calendar days for advertisement and outreach.

  • The recruitment is automatically posted in a number of online locations. All recruitments must be posted for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Conduct active outreach for a broad and inclusive pool of applicants, using additional advertisement locations as needed, and making extensive personal contacts.
  • Determine whether individuals who submitted an application by the deadline date meet the basic qualifications necessary to be considered an applicant, as stated in the advertisement. Provide disposition reasons for individuals who did not meet the basic qualifications.
  • Immediately after the application deadline date evaluate the applicant pool (those determined to meet the basic qualifications) for size, depth, and diversity. Consider whether the demographics of the pool broadly reflect the national availability.
  • If needed, the recruitment period can be extended.
  • Enter the search and recruitment efforts taken during the outreach period under “Actual Search Efforts.”
  • Submit the report on the demographics of the applicant pool for review and approval by the Search Committee Chair, the department/school/college Equity Advisor, and OFEW within one week of the application deadline.

Evaluating Applicants

Timeline: Allow approximately one – two months to evaluate applicants and hold campus visits.

  • Determine whether individuals who submitted an application by the deadline date meet the basic qualifications necessary to be considered an applicant, as stated in the advertisement. 
  • Fully evaluate all applicants for the position using objective criteria and established evaluation mechanisms.
  • Provide disposition reasons for applicants who do not move forward for further consideration.
  • Keep applicant statuses up-to-date.

Short List

Timeline: Allow one - two days for review and response regarding the short list.

  • When the short list of candidates is ready for review, but prior to making invitations for campus visits, submit it for review and approval by the department Equity Advisor and OFEW. Short lists are almost always reviewed by OFEW within 24 hours of submission. 
  • The timing of submission depends on the discipline and field, but is typically ready for review within one to two months after the application deadline date. 
  • In cases where a candidate must be invited for a campus visit more quickly please contact OFEW.

Completing the Search Report

Approximate timeline: Allow approximately two weeks for creation and approval of the Search Report. 

  • Begin the Search Report as soon as possible (e.g., evidence of advertising and outreach activities can be uploaded, disposition reasons can be given to some candidates early in the search process, all candidate statuses should be kept up-to-date throughout the process).
  • Submit the Search Report to OFEW through AP Recruit (APO will not forward the appointment case to the Budget Committee until the Search Report has reached OFEW for final approval). 

Final Closing Instructions for Searches

  • Return to AP Recruit when an outcome for the recruitment is known – formal campus offer given, formal offer accepted, formal offer declined, candidate was hired, or not – and update the applicant statuses.
  • Click on the "Conclusions" tab and select a final outcome of the search.
  • Conclude the recruitment

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