The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP), Department of Labor requires the assessment of basic qualifications for all academic positions. These requirements must be met at the time of application and are necessary for consideration as an applicant for the position.

  • Use the basic qualifications as stated in the advertisement to assess each individual who submits an application for the position by the final date for the search. It is recommended that each individual is assessed as soon as possible after the deadline.
  • Applicants who initially meet the basic qualifications but later withdraw prior to selection to “invite for interview” status or further will be indicated as not meeting the basic qualifications (“candidate withdrew”). 

Applicant pool review

To assess the value of outreach efforts review the demographic profile of the applicant pool now that it includes only individuals who met the basic qualifications, and compare it to the diversity benchmarks available in AP Recruit. The recruitment can easily be extended if the pool is small and/or lacks diversity.

Submit the applicant pool for review and approval

As soon as possible following the closing date for applications, the department analyst is responsible for downloading a report of the demographics of the applicant pool in AP Recruit (benchmarking availability data will be included in the report), and submitting it for approval by the Search Committee Chair and the Equity Advisor. If the applicant pool is sufficiently diverse compared to the availability pool, both the Search Committee Chair and the Equity Advisor should approve the pool. This will trigger a notification to the Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare to review the pool, and if appropriate, approve it as well. Please note: it is necessary to enter the description and evidence of the actual search and recruitment efforts taken during the open application period before the Applicant Pool report can be created. If all proposed efforts were done, simply confirm with a one-sentence statement. If not, indicate what the differences were.

Important: Only individuals who meet the basic qualifications will appear as applicants on the report.

If the applicant pool is not sufficiently diverse compared to the availability pool, the department or school must review whether outreach and recruitment efforts have been sufficiently broad and inclusive. If the decision is made to extend the search and put forth efforts to invite additional applicants to apply to broaden the pool, an advertisement with a new end date needs to be uploaded in AP Recruit and posted by OFEW. The new advertisement should also specify that the deadline has been extended so that candidates who have already applied do not reapply. See ‘request to extend the deadline date of a search’ section for more information.