One or more “dispositions,” or reasons for deselection of a candidate, are assigned to individuals who submitted a complete application for the position. One set of reasons are used for individuals deemed “unqualified” because they did not meet the basic requirements for the position as stated in the advertisement, materials submitted were not correct or were incomplete, or they withdrew prior to being invited for an interview. Another set of disposition reasons are used for all applicants who met the basic qualifications. 

In addition, the search committees has the ability to create up to five additional disposition reasons that relate to the specific search being conducted if the preselected list is not sufficient. Additional disposition reasons should be clearly related to the job and must be proposed and reviewed as part of the Search Plan (they cannot be added after the recruitment is published). 

It is also possible to delete disposition reasons that do not apply to a particular recruitment. The deleted reasons will not appear for any candidates in the pool. 

Disposition reasons for unqualified individuals (those who did not meet the basic qualifications): 

  • Application was incomplete, materials submitted were not the required materials
  • Degree was not in the advertised field(s) if specific field(s) were required
  • Did not meet stated basic clinical requirements
  • Did not meet stated basic research requirements
  • Did not meet stated basic service requirements
  • Did not meet stated basic teaching requirements
  • Did not meet stated basic years of experience required
  • Did not possess basic degree requirements stated in advertisement
  • Did not possess stated credentials (e.g., board eligibility/board certification)
  • Candidate withdrew
  • Other, please specify (if this is selected a comment must be included)

 Disposition reasons for qualified applicants: 

  • Alternate for position
  • Duplicates or significantly overlaps existing area of strength in department/school/college
  • Interview showed some deficiencies
  • Job talk showed some deficiencies
  • Lacks sufficient clinical experience
  • Lacks sufficient contributions to diversity/cultural competence
  • Lacks sufficient depth/breadth of research/creative excellence or impact
  • Lacks sufficient leadership experience for position
  • Lacks sufficient potential for successful attraction, advising, and mentoring of students/trainees/postdocs
  • Lacks sufficient research achievement/potential
  • Lacks sufficient teaching achievement/potential
  • Publication record shows some deficiencies
  • References were weak
  • Specialization or area of expertise for position or department needs shows some deficiencies
  • Interview showed some deficiencies
  • Other, please specify (if this is selected a comment must be included)