After the Search Report is approved at the campus level, and there is a hiring outcome for the search, return to AP Recruit to conclude the search. This must be done as soon as possible and is required for data reporting purposes and compliance with University, state, and federal policies and laws.

The “Conclusion” tab has replaced the Search Outcome tab. A search should be concluded after the Search Report is approved, when no new hires will be made, and as soon as one of three conditions is met:

  • A candidate for a non-pool recruitment has been hired by the University and the appointment start date and Employee ID are available;
  • A pool recruitment reaches the end of the open period (typically 12 months), and appointment start dates and Employee ID information are available; or
  • The recruitment is failed or cancelled

Important: Do not move a candidate beyond the status of “proposed candidate” without an official campus offer (unless to indicate that he or she has withdrawn from consideration). Campus offers cannot be made prior to the approval of the Search Report.

If the Proposed Candidate withdraws from consideration before an official campus offer is made, change the status to “withdrawn.”

If the Proposed Candidate is made an official formal offer by the campus:

  • Change the status to “Offered”
  • If the official campus offer is accepted by the Proposed Candidate change the status to “Offer Accepted” (provide required information)
  • If the official campus offer is not accepted by the Proposed Candidate change the status to “Offer Declined” (select reason for decline from the list)

If and when the Proposed Candidate has accepted the official campus offer and has been formally hired (information is present in the campus payroll system), then change the status to “Hired” and Conclude the recruitment.

If the campus declines to make a formal offer to a Proposed Candidate change the status to “campus declined” and Conclude the recruitment.