For senate faculty recruitments where the FTE is authorized at more than one rank (for example, Non-Tenured or Tenured, NT/T) we recommend that the application and reference requirements be the same for both/all levels. This allows for the most seamless recruitment process using AP Recruit. When this is not possible we recommend the following workaround (for example when it is necessary to receive letters of recommendation at the time of application for individuals applying at the Assistant level, but not until the interview for individuals applying at the Associate level, or to require Assistant level applicants to submit additional materials): 

Open two recruitments in AP Recruit, with the same FTE authorization number but different JPF numbers – one for the Assistant, non-tenured applicants and one for the tenured applicants. Set the Assistant recruitment as the “anchor,” which means it will hold the main search plan and report materials. 

Under Title Codes & Specialties: Enter the appropriate title codes for each recruitment. The specialties should be the same. 

Advertisements, Planned Search & Recruitment Efforts: Write a single advertisement with two separate links for applicants. Be clear on which recruitment to apply to and what is required for a complete application. The following language should be included in the advertisement: “Rank will be determined based on qualifications and experience.” Senior Assistant Professors should apply to the Assistant recruitment. 

Upload the advertisement and enter the planned search and recruitment efforts in the “anchor” recruitment only. For the “non-anchor” recruitment state “see anchor recruitment.”  Departments must provide appropriate rationale for proceeding with the “open rank” search, including outreach efforts to promote a diverse applicant pool at both ranks. 

Qualifications:  The minimum/basic qualifications for each recruitment should be clearly stated in this section and in the advertisement.  They will likely be different for each recruitment. 

Selection Process: The search committee should write up a single overall selection process document and provide it in the “anchor” recruitment. For open-rank recruitments it is necessary to specify the differences in selection criteria and the evaluation process for the different ranks. 

Configuring the Application requirements: Choose the appropriate requirements for each recruitment and state them clearly in the advertisement.  

Submitting the Search Plan and Search Report: Submit each Search Plan separately but simultaneously. Approvers will need to review and approve both recruitments. OFEW will review both recruitments at the same time, as a single recruitment.  Analysts please add a comment on the Approval Request Comments page to indicate that there are two JPF#s for review as part of a single recruitment. Provide both JPF numbers and make clear which JPF is associated with which level.

Applicant pools/short lists: Submit the reports separately but simultaneously. OFEW will review both applicant pools and short lists at the same time, as a single recruitment. Provide both JPF numbers and make clear which JPF is associated with which level.