Letters of reference are an important part of recruitment for senate faculty. The search committee is not obligated to contact the referees provided by the candidate, but if letters are requested of one short-listed candidate they should be requested of all.

Please note: Reference writers have two ways to submit their letter in AP Recruit - by uploading the document as a PDF, and by copying and pasting the text of the letter directly into the provided text box. Letters pasted directly into the text box may lack typical identifying information available in letter head, and occasionally lack a signature line if the referee neglects to include it in the text box. These letters should be treated the same as letters uploaded as PDFs.

Unsolicited Letters

If an unsolicited letter from a referee arrives, it should not be reviewed by the faculty member or search committee unless there is a remaining slot for an additional letter in AP Recruit, and they plan to receive similar letters from all candidates (e.g., the committee requested 3 – 5 letters, the candidate listed three names and received three letters, and a fourth individual sends an unsolicited letter that can be uploaded into the system). If the committee/faculty member does plan to review an unsolicited letter, they should respond in writing to the referee, giving notice of the University of California policy on disclosure, and provide the letter writer with an opportunity to amend or withdraw the letter by a specified date. If the letter writer does not amend or withdraw the letter by the specified date, the letter may be provided to and considered by the search committee/faculty member.

If the letter is in addition to those required, it may not be considered in the review of the candidate (e.g., three letters are required and a fourth letter is emailed directly to the department). In this event, the letter writer should be thanked for the letter, and the candidate should be made aware of an extra letter and that this letter will not be considered. The name of the letter writer should not be disclosed to the candidate. The candidate may choose to change the names of the referees in AP Recruit if a letter for a referee has not arrived, as long as it is before the application deadline.

Requests for search-related documents from applicants

All requests for search-related records by applicants should be forwarded to the Academic Personnel Office (appolicy@berkeley.edu). This office will redact the information as appropriate and provide a copy directly to the individual making the request.