Conduct the outreach specified in the planned search and recruitment efforts as part of the Search Plan (see Planned Search and Recruitment Efforts section).

Evaluate the applicant pool broadly for size, depth, and diversity on an as-needed basis while the search is open (or before the initial review date). This can be done in AP Recruit as often as desired. If needed, the recruitment period can be extended. Submit the Applicant Pool report for review and approval by the Search Committee Chair, the Equity Advisor, and OFEW as soon as possible, but within one week, of the application closing date. 

Request to extend the deadline date of a search

If you decide that you want to extend the deadline date for submitting applications, email OFEW at with the following information for review:

1. Search number: JPFxxxxx
2. Reason why the deadline needs to be extended
3. If the purpose is to broaden the pool, describe efforts that will be taken to encourage additional applications
4. Requested new Close Date in AP Recruit (please do not make these changes until ad is approved)
5. Requested new Final date in AP Recruit (please do not make these changes until ad is approved)
6. Confirm the changes that have been made to the advertisement – it is recommended that a statement is included in the updated advertisement alerting applicants that it is not necessary to reapply if they have already submitted an application.
7. Upload the new advertisement in AP Recruit (in Advertisement section) for review and approval by OFEW. Make sure not to delete the current advertisements.
8. Once approval is granted by OFEW, make the updates to the deadline dates in AP Recruit.

• The deadline date must be on a weekday that is not otherwise designated as a holiday.