Assessment of basic qualifications

  • Determine whether individuals who submitted a complete application by the final date meet the basic qualifications necessary to be considered an applicant as stated in the advertisement. Assign disposition reasons for those who do not meet the basic qualifications.

Applicant evaluation

  • Support the search committee in their review of applicants and use of AP Recuit.
  • Keep applicant statuses up-to-date throughout the evaluation period.
  • Ensure that the committee evaluates the applicant pool for size, depth, and diversity. If needed, the recruitment window can be extended to allow for further outreach for the position.
  • Enter a description of the actual outreach efforts used during the open application period.
  • Submit the applicant pool for review by the search committee chair, equity advisor, and OFEW.
  • Equitably evaluate all applicants for the position using the evaluation and selection criteria set forth at the outset of the search.
  • Provide disposition reasons for applicants who do not move forward for further consideration.
  • Review letters of reference if applicable.

Short list

  • Select the short list of individuals to bring to campus for visits.
  • Submit the short list for review by the Equity Advisor and OFEW prior to making invitations.

Selecting the final candidate

  • Bring the short listed candidates to campus for campus visits.
  • Follow established evaluation and voting procedures to select the final candidate(s) to put forward to the campus for review.
  • Analysts update the statuses and enter the Proposed Offer Information, and upload all evidence of advertising and outreach.