1. Create the Search Plan in AP Recruit. Sections include:

  • Basic information about the recruitment
  • Diversity benchmarks and goals
  • Applicant qualifications 
  • Planned search and recruitment efforts
  • Advertisement
  • Selection process
  • Search committee 
  • Additional search plan documents
  • Disposition reasons
  • Application requirements

2. When all fields are complete in the Search Plan click “Submit Plan for Approval.” All approvers log into AP Recruit to review and approve the Search Plan (OFEW is the final approver). Once approved, publish the recruitment.

3. OFEW publishes the recruitment to AP Recruit and posts the approved advertisement on the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), Higher Ed Jobs, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and America’s Job Exchange (includes multiple diversity locations). Other discipline-specific advertising locations are determined by the search committee.