When the Search Plan is complete and ready for review, click the ‘Submit Plan for Approval’ button. The Recruitment will be in a “Draft” state, as shown by the badge on the Recruitments page, until it is “Published."

Click ‘View Approval Request’ to go to the Approval page.

Download and review the proposed Search Plan. Edits can continue to be made as needed until the Search Plan receives final approval by OFEW. However, once OFEW starts review please do not make additional changes unless notifying the office first. Once approved, a final Search Plan is available as a PDF and serves as the permanent record of what was approved.

There is an automatic approval chain for senate faculty recruitments:

  • Search Committee Chair – assign the correct name if not auto-populated
  • Department Chair – assign the correct name (for professional schools with no department chair the department analyst name can be put here)
  • Dean’s Analyst – assign the correct name
  • Dean – assign the correct name
  • OFEW (“Diversity Office”) – names are auto-populated (do not add an alternate name)

When the names have been entered, click done. An automatic email will be sent to the first approver within approximately 30 minutes, and will cc the department analyst. When each approver approves the plan an email will automatically be sent to the next reviewer in line.  

There is an option to provide written comments regarding the Search Plan. The analyst and all approvers can view the comments and can make comments. Approvers can also be notified with a reminder via email on the Approvers page.

There is an Approvals Dashboard available (next to the Recruitments tab on the top banner), which will allow you to monitor the progress of approvals for the recruitments you have access to. It displays the current status of approvals, including who has approved and who is next for approval, and includes filters to make viewing the list of recruitments more streamlined. Notice the “change columns” button that will allow you to add more columns to the display.

When all approvals are received an automatic email will be sent to the analyst indicating it is ready to publish. Push the “Publish” button to launch/open the recruitment.