Using the agreed upon evaluation and selection criteria for the search, propose a short list of candidates to invite for interviews. In many searches the short list is developed from a longer list of candidates under serious consideration. And in some cases the “long short list” of candidates under serious consideration are interviewed at professional meetings or conferences, or by Skype or telephone (informal, Skype, or conference interviews should be noted with the applicant status of “Serious Consideration,” not “Interviewed”). 

When the department or school is ready to invite candidates for interviews, the department analyst is responsible for ensuring that each individual has the status of “invite for interview” in AP Recruit and submitting the short list report for approval by the Equity Advisor and OFEW. The Equity Advisor may not share the gender and race/ethnicity of particular applicants with anyone on the search committee, but instead should discuss whether the short list is sufficiently diverse compared to the applicant pool.

OFEW nearly always reviews the short list within 24 hours of submission. The short list should be approved prior to inviting candidates to campus for interviews. If it is necessary to invite a candidate prior to the approval of the short list please contact OFEW.