training videos for Ap Recruit

The Recruit programming team (at UC Irvine) has created a series of short videos on how to use the AP Recruit system. We will continue to provide links to them as more are available. 

Please note that some recruitment processes at UC Irvine are slightly different from Berkeley. We have noted this information below as applicable.

Overview of Recruit (mp4 file, 4 mins 11 secs): An overview of the Recruit interface for adminstrators and faculty. Tour the top navigation menus, explore the Recruitments page.

Readying the Search Plan (mp4 file, 4 mins 53 secs): An overview of the Search Information fields that correspond to the Search Plan. Learn to complete the fields in order to submit the Search Plan for review/approval so you can get recruitments off the ground and running. [Please note: The video mentions that Committee Chairs and Faculty Editors can view all completed and uncompleted applications; this is not the case at Berkeley, where they can view only complete applications]

Generating a Search Plan and Submitting it for Approval (mp4, 3mins): How to download a search plan pdf, specify people in the workflow, check for appover comments, and notify approvers of changes. [Please note: The UC Berkeley approval workfow is prepopulated and is different than the UCI example]

Publishing a Recruitment (mp4 file, 1 min 7 secs): How to publish a recruitment. [Please note: At UC Berkeley we use the 'approver comments area' rather than the 'internal analyst notes' section for comments]

Reviewing Applicants (mp4 file, 5 mins 7 secs): How to use Recruit's tools to evaluate applicants. 

Meets Basic Qualifications (mp4, 4 mins 41 secs): This video shows how analysts mark applicants as Qualified or Unqualified in Recruit.

Assigning Disposition Reasons (mp4 file, 3:16): Learn what applicant disposition reasons are, what they’re used for, who can assign them, when they’re assigned, and how to assign them.

Shortlist Reports (mp4 file, 3 mins 53 secs): How to create Shortlist Reports and submit them for approval. [Please note: The UC Berkeley approval workflow is prepopulated and cannot be changed]

Search Reports (mp4 file, 3:22): This video shows analysts how to create Search Reports, submit them for approval, and “live-updating” the report.

Search Waivers (mp4 file, 7:38): How to submit search waivers through the new feature.