Faculty DEIB Initiatives

Each year since 2016, the California State Legislature has earmarked two million dollars for faculty diversity initiatives at the University of California. The UC Office of the President created a competitive grants pilot program to distribute the funding, with campuses submitting proposals to test interventions that would result in progress in faculty diversity and the creation of practices that can be adopted more broadly. 

DEIBlueprint is a multi-campus pilot project aimed at building a healthy academic department climate by creating an easy-to-use process - a blueprint! - that sets departments up for success in diagnosing and addressing issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Using a quasi-experimental design, DEIBlueprint has two components: an online climate survey Question Bank and a Toolkit to support responsive activities.

Faculty Link began as a pilot program in 2019 funded by a competitive grant from the UC Office of the President to create innovative efforts to improve senate faculty retention and improve department and campus climate. The program strives to promote satisfaction, success, and an overall sense of belonging for Berkeley faculty by providing access to information, advising, and networks for senate faculty members, and especially those from underrepresented or minoritized groups. The program consists of three components: one-on-one advising from a group of approximately 25 faculty Core Advsors, larger group forums on topics related to the faculty experience, and smaller, more informal Core Advisor Conversations.

In 2018, three colleges on the Berkeley campus (College of Natural ResourcesCollege of Chemistry, and the College of Letters and Sciences, Division of Biological Sciences) collaborated to successfully receive $500K in funding for the "Initiative to Advance Faculty Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Life Sciences." This project is ongoing and is focused on reforming faculty hiring practices across the colleges.

The School of Public Health received $75K in pilot funding in 2018 for a faculty retention/climate project. This project focused on improving the climate for and retention of faculty from underrepresented ethnic and racial minority groups, as well as for other underrepresented populations in the School.

In 2017, the College of Engineering was one of four projects across the UC system selected for the 2017-18 academic year(link is external) ("Advancing Faculty Diversity in Berkeley Engineering"), and received $500K to implement a number of innovative practices throughout the faculty search process, including expectations of all faculty and new hires to actively advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the College.