College of Engineering Faculty Diversity Initiative

With strong commitment by the leadership and plans for substantial hiring in 2017-18, this program focused on four broad categories:

  • increase the diversity of applicant pools
  • emphasize and require contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • improve evaluation and reduce bias, and
  • increase the effectiveness of interviews, recruiting, and professional development.

In addition to employing best practices already promoted by the campus and ensuring they are implemented well, this program implemented additional interventions, including those identified in year one of the UCOP Advancing Faculty Diversity program and from UC Berkeley’s own Search Committee Chair Survey conducted from 2012-16. The interventions included revisions to position announcements, targeted outreach, required diversity statements, expanded startup funding, equity advisor meetings for candidates, evaluation of candidates by a student committee, multi-criteria rubrics, a centralized review committee, increased pool of finalists, support for partner/spouse careers, and postdoctoral support.

In summarizing the outcomes of the project, the College's final report to the UC Office of the President stated: “We have learned a tremendous amount through the Advancing Faculty Diversity Initiative, and will continue to refine our search process and guidelines to ensure progress in diversifying the CoE faculty. We are fostering within the CoE a culture of collective responsibility for advancing equity and inclusion. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) should be an integral part of the College’s mission, and hence should extend beyond the application and interview processes to be a measurable outcome of our daily research, teaching, and service. To reinforce the importance of DEI, we are explicitly assessing contributions to DEI in faculty merit and advancement cases. Also, the CoE has invested resources to increase staffing support to assist faculty with their efforts to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will continue to monitor our progress in diversifying the faculty and in cultivating an inclusive climate in our educational and research programs.”

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