Support for Inclusion

creating equity

Providing opportunities for all

Equality: Uniform distribution of boxes. Equality promotes a type of fairness that only works if everyone has the same needs.

Equity: Distribution of boxes according to need. Equity attempts to overcome disadvantages so that everone can succeed.

At Berkeley, we strive to practice equity in order to be truly fair and inclusive.


Our Public Mission

As a public university, Berkeley has a historic responsibility to benefit California, and by extension larger society, through excellence in research, education, and public service. There are strong arguments that Berkeley’s ability to meet its responsibilities depends on the creation of a fully equitable and diverse campus community. Specifically, such a community would: 

1) Be fair with respect to all individuals and identity subgroups;
2) Enhance Berkeley’s academic and research excellence by including diverse talent;
3) Strengthen Berkeley’s central role in fueling the state and national economies by committing to all its citizens;
4) Enhance Berkeley’s social leadership and relevance; and
5) Prepare individuals for success and leadership in an increasingly “global” world.


There are a number of committees that are working towards making Berkeley a  more inclusive and equitable community: