Professor of the Graduate School


A faculty member who is retiring may be eligible for post-retirement appointment as a Professor of the Graduate School (PGS).   A PGS is expected to be engaged in research that includes graduate students, to contribute with distinction to a graduate program, and to be in residence for the equivalent of one semester during each academic year in which the PGS title is held.  


  • A PGS will have access to the departmental support services that are extended to regular faculty.  
  • The department will use the PGS title for the appointee on its web site, and the appointee may use the title in all academic contexts. 
  • A PGS may find it advantageous in grant applications to identify as “Professor of the Graduate School” rather than “Professor Emerita” or “Professor Emeritus.”  
  • A PGS will be deemed to have been recalled to service for purposes of determining departmental voting rights under Senate By-Law 55.D (3). (Essentially, that means they have voting rights on all departmental matters, except personnel matters; they may be accorded voting privileges on personnel matters, but only as a class consisting of all recalled Emeritae/i, and only as specified in the bylaw.)

Procedure for appointment and reappointment   

The department chair submits to the dean a recommendation for the candidate’s appointment as a PGS.  The recommendation should include the following: 

  • a report of any departmental vote that needs to be taken in accordance with departmental practice, 
  • the duration of the recommended appointment (for an initial period of up to three years), 
  • a description of the activities expected of the candidate (e.g., dissertation supervision, administrative service, participation on orals committees), and 
  • a description of the value to the department of the recommended appointment. 

The dean’s decision should be conveyed to the department chair in writing, and a record of the decision should be sent to the Academic Personnel Office and retained in departmental and decanal files. These appointments do not need to be entered into AP Recruit. The procedure for reappointments, which may be for periods of up to three years, is identical except that it does not require a departmental vote.