Mid-Career and Tenure Reviews

The appraisal process takes place in the 7th semester (mid-career) and 11th semester (tenure) on the tenure clock. The process is quite lengthy with a number of reviewers, each carefully deliberating on the contributions of the assistant professor. The tenure process slides provide an outline of the appraisal procedures and the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) 220 provides details. Here is a list of the key steps in the tenure appraisal process:

  • Candidate prepares materials in the APBears online system.
  • Candidate provides a list of names of external reviewers, and also a list of who should not be a reviewer due to a conflict of interest.
  • Once letters are received, a department ad hoc committee reviews the case and prepares a report.
  • The candidate has 5 days to review the ad hoc committee report and redacted letters, and may submit a response.
  • The faculty meet, vote, and the chair writes a report of the discussion.
  • The candidate has 5 days to submit a response to the report.
  • The chair may write a personal letter.
  • The case then moves to the dean, a Campus Ad Hoc Review Committee, the Budget Committee, the Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty, and the Vice Provost for the Faculty.

If all reviewers are in agreement, the case moves forward to the Execuctive Vice Chancellor and Provost, and then to the Chancellor, who makes the final decision. If there is disagreement among the reviewers, or if the outcome is negative, the case returns to the dean, department, and candidate for further comment and updates. At that time, the candidate can request a redacted version of the file before commenting further.

External letters are not gathered for the mid-career appraisal, and the Vice Provost for the Faculty decision is final.