AP Recruit Resources

All academic recruitments are done in AP Recruit. The system handles all elements of the search including the job advertisement, approval process, applications, and candidate evaluations, in addition to waivers and exemptions. The system Help section within provides dinformation for HR/AP staff and search committee members detailing how to use the AP Recruit online system.

AP Recruit Access Requests

Instructions for requesting a change to a current user's access or requesting access for a new AP Recruit user.


AP Recruit Help Section

Information for AP Recruit analysts and search committee members about how to use the AP Recruit online system.


AP Recruit Training Videos

Video modules on different aspects of academic recruitment and using AP Recruit. (Please note that these videos are maintained by the AP Recruit system programmers at UC Irvine so the content is not specific to UC Berkeley. Please follow the policies in the OFEW search guides when conducting searches in AP Recruit.)


Saved Workspaces (February 2018)

Help documentation on the Saved Workspaces feature in AP Recruit.


Search Status Key (February 2018)

Quick guide for understanding the Search Status column in AP Recruit.