COVID-19 Support for Academics

Campus reviewers in the future will understand that the COVID-19 pandemic had a prolonged disruptive impact on research and teaching, and will interpret records of review periods including the pandemic accordingly. Make sure that you discuss the consequences of the pandemic on your record in your self-evaluative statements.

Read more, below, about supportive measures for faculty affected by the COVID pandemic:

One-time Offset in Merit Review

For ladder-rank faculty with clear evidence of significant loss of research productivity due to COVID-19 (including the loss of childcare or other changes in family/personal obligations), such that they cannot earn a full-step advance, a half-step offset will be provided as a one-time measure so they receive a full-step advance or the equivalent thereof. Learn more

COVID-19 “Stop the Clock"

Ladder-rank faculty can request a one-semester or one-year extension of the tenure clock due to COVID-19 related disruptions including the loss of childcare or other changes in family/personal obligations. Learn more