Written and video resources

Accessible Syllabus

This website is dedicated to helping instructors build a syllabus that plans for diverse student abilities and promotes an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable discussing their unique abilities.

Conversations on Transformation Video Series (Othering and Belonging Institute)

Conversations on Transformation features discussions about belonging, network weaving, and conflict transformation.

CORA Webinars

Webinar topics include employing equity-minded and culturally-affirming teaching in remote settings, racial bias and microaggressions, and serving students with basic needs insecurities.

ReNUWIt Inclusive Excellence Initiative

The Inclusive Excellence Initiative aims to support graduate students, researchers, and faculty in creating more inclusive environments in higher education – environments where all individuals feel welcome, respected, and that their contributions are valued. Resources include suggested steps that students, researchers, and faculty can take to improve the climate in research and classroom spaces, and in peer relationships among graduate students.

Creating a Healthy Virtual Environment Toolkit

A toolkit of resources for creating a healthy, inclusive virtual environment.

Recognizing Microaggressions and the Messages They Send

A written resource on to understand and recognize examples of microaggressions and the messages they send.

Addressing Microaggresions in the Classroom

A written resource on the definition of microaggressions, examples of microaggressions, and how to address micoaggressions in the classroom.