Core Advisor Conversations

Core Advisor Conversations are informal gatherings hosted by two Core Advisors on a variety of topics. The conversations are meant to serve as a virtual coffee hour. Signups are limited to allow for open conversation and free discussion. These sessions are a great way to meet Core Advisors as well as faculty from across the campus, and to get resources, support, and advice. We hope you'll join us!

Please note: Due to the pilot nature of this program, the Core Advisor Conversations are limited to senate faculty members, as well as adjunct faculty, clinical faculty, and cooperative extension specialists.

Spring 2021 Conversations

Inclusive Teaching

March 12th 10 - 11am

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Jill Duerr Berrick

Social Welfare

Cybelle Fox


LGBTQ+ Faculty Gathering

March 18th 10 - 11am

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Noah Whiteman

Integrative Biology

Karen Nakamura


Grace Lavery


Invisible Burdens

March 26th 2 - 3pm

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Allan deSouza

Art Practice

Georgina Kleege


Networks/ Networking

April 8th 2 - 3pm

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Serena Chen


Dan Stamper-Kurn


Mentoring Students

April 16th 10 - 11am

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Martin Head-Gordon


Hilary Hoynes

Public Policy

Latinx Faculty Gathering

April 22nd 10 - 11am

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Lisa García Bedolla


Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton


Kris Gutiérrez


Department Climate

April 30th 2 - 3pm

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Maximilian Auffhammer

Agricultural & Resource Economics
International and Area Studies

Rachel Morello-Frosch

Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
Public Health

Past Conversations

DEI Work

February 11th 10 - 11am

Benjamin Recht

Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Matthew Francis



February 19th 2 - 3pm

Rebecca Heald

Molecular & Cell Biology

Sanjay Kumar

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Black Faculty Gathering

February 24th 2 - 3pm

Amani Allen

Public Health

Linda Burton

Social Welfare