Dan Stamper-Kurn


I have risen through the ranks at Berkeley, and so I am familiar with challenges faced along the way.  In addition, I am familiar with specific challenges of assembling and managing a medium-sized, team-oriented experimental research group.  With my research supported by multiple grants from the NSF, Department of Defense, NASA, and private philanthropies, and having interacted for many years with LNBL and the Department of Energy, I can provide perspective on initiating and managing interactions with funding agencies.  I have also been active in the Department and the University on issues of equity and inclusion, and have engaged in many other service and leadership activities within and outside of Berkeley.


Dan Stamper-Kurn is an atomic and condensed-matter experimental physicist performing research in quantum science using ultracold gases of atom.  He was a Berkeley undergraduate, an MIT graduate student, and a Caltech postdoc before joining the Berkeley faculty in 2001.  He currently operates a research group of about 15 students and postdocs, and serves as Director of the California Institute for Quantum Entanglement and of the Center for Quantum Coherent Science.