Grace Lavery


I am committed to fostering institutional spaces for queer and trans faculty, staff, and students, and work with faculty pursuing similar goals. Additionally, I am available to advise faculty pursuing public platforms on how to balance intramural and extramural demands and workflow. 

Grace Lavery’s research focuses on the history of and theory of aesthetic value, and in particular on the ascription of efficacy to cultural, cognitive, and political logics. Her first book, Quaint, Exquisite: Victorian Aesthetics and the Idea of Japan, was published by Princeton University Press in 2019, and she is one of four general editors of Transgender Studies Quarterly, published by Duke University Press. Her essays have appeared in Critical Inquiry, Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, Social Text, English Literary History, and she publishes regularly for general readerships on topics relating to trans feminism, academic freedom, and popular culture.