Linda Rugg


I have struggled as a scholar with writing, and I feel that I have experiences to share around that struggle. I am a first-generation college graduate in my family, having grown up in the rural Midwest, so I am also familiar with the sense of not belonging in an academic environment. I now work in an administrative role on campus, so I have gained a bird's-eye view of our university culture, its richness and its limitations, and this knowledge could perhaps be of interest.


Linda Rugg's training was in Comparative Literature, and her work thus tends to be comparative (European and American cultures), though in recent years she has focused on Scandinavia. She has done extensive research on autobiography and self-representation, both textual and visual. Her present research project is ecocritical and micro-historical; it involves relationships between Swedish immigrants to North America in the early 18th century and their interaction with Native Americans of the Delaware River Valley.