Kris Gutiérrez


I believe mentoring the next generation of scholars, particularly first generation faculty and students, is one of the most important responsibilities and commitments I have. I have had the privilege of mentoring and apprenticing both students (graduate, undergraduate, and postdocs) and faculty (particularly early and mid-career faculty) at my institutions and in professional arenas since I was an early career scholar myself. Presently, I am also a mentor for dissertation, postdoctoral, and mid-career fellows for the National Academy of Education & the Spencer Foundation. 


Kris D. Gutiérrez is Carol Liu Professor in the Graduate School of Education.  Gutiérrez’s expertise is in the learning sciences, literacy, educational policy, and qualitative, and design-based approaches to inquiry, and brings a critical approach to her collaborative work with Latinx and other youth from nondominant communities. Gutiérrez is a member of the National Academy of Education and recipient of the UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award and Spencer Foundation mentorship award.