Pathway Provisions Before Retirement


For those Senate faculty members (ladder faculty and LSOE) who sign a Pathway to Retirement agreement, tailored pre-separation provisions may be appropriate.  Provisions should be designed to support the specific transitional needs and interests of the individual faculty member who has decided irrevocably to separate within one or two years’ time.  The Pathway to Retirement Agreement should state clearly how each pre-separation provision serves this end.  The types of provisions below are illustrative; additional types may be proposed and considered by the signatories to the agreement. (Certain provisions are applicable to ladder faculty only.)

Changes in teaching assignments 

Changes in teaching assignments will normally be made only during the final one or two semesters of a faculty member’s active service.  Examples: 

  • Faculty members might be assigned to teach a particular course that is especially meaningful to them but that they would otherwise not have an opportunity to offer. 
  • Faculty members might replace teaching an assigned course with making broader, culminating contributions that could benefit students, for example, by organizing materials and collections for libraries, digital archives, or museums (ladder faculty only). 
  • Faculty members might replace classroom teaching of their own with service as a mentor or assessor of others teaching in the department (ladder faculty only). 

Changes in service assignments 

Depending upon their ability to meet their needs for service, departments may agree to make changes in departmental service assignments.  Examples: 

  • The department might agree to replace normal committee work with special service assignments drawing upon the faculty member’s career experience. 
  • The department might agree to taper departmental service assignments for faculty members who wish to redirect their efforts toward completing current research projects or initiating projects to be continued post-separation (ladder faculty only).  

Waiver of academic-personnel review requirements 

The Academic Personnel Manual mandates academic-personnel reviews at least every five years, in part to provide feedback that may be of use for future activities in research, teaching, and service.  Sometimes similar reviews after shorter periods of time are mandated by the campus.  If a faculty member has executed a Pathway to Retirement agreement to separate, a waiver of any mandated review subsequent to the signing date of the agreement may be considered.