Visa Info

Visa Information for New International Ladder-Rank Faculty

Berkeley is fortunate to welcome a number of new ladder-rank faculty members each year who come to the U.S. from other countries. The resources gathered here are intended to provide guiding information to international faculty and those assisting them in their departments and schools on the process for obtaining a visa. 

The U.S. government requires that international ladder-rank faculty members obtain an employer-sponsored visa in order to work. For new international faculty members who do not already have permanent residency status (a green card), the University must first assist in obtaining a dual-intent H-1B visa prior to the start date of employment, and then file a petition for permanent residency status within 18 months of the date of the official written offer of employment. The Berkeley International Office (BIO) works with hiring units and international faculty as the official campus entity for submission of visa applications. The links below provide an overview of the process. 

Taking the First Steps in the Visa Process is an assemblage of information for international faculty members, department chairs, school deans, and HR staff regarding initiation of a visa application. 

H-1B Visa Information provides an overview of the petition process for an H-1B Visa. Employment at UC Berkeley may not begin prior to approval from the U.S. Government for an H-1B visa sponsored by UC Berkeley. 

Permanent Residency Information provides an overview of the petition process for permanent work authorization in the U.S. Continued employment at UC Berkeley beyond the expiration of the H-1B visa requires permanent residency status. 

Fee Information indicates the fees to be paid by the hiring unit to Berkeley International Office, an attorney, and the U.S. government for preparing and filing visa applications, and those that need to be paid by the international faculty member. 

Timeline Information offers guidance on important deadlines for processing the visa application, timing of entry into the U.S. (if applicable) and for beginning employment. 

Family Matters provides visa information regarding partners/spouses and children who might be accompanying the new faculty member.