Fee Information

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There are various fees to be paid by the hiring unit, as well as fees to be paid by the international faculty member. The attached table provides a summary of the fees. The Berkeley International Office website provides additional information on BIO recharge fees and fees for processing H-1B visas and permanent residency applications.  The information below provides a brief overview. 

H1-B Visa Fees*

*All fees are approximate. For the most updated fee information, please visit the BIO website.

Fees paid by the hiring unitThere is a BIO recharge fee of $2000 and the U.S. Government fee is $960. There is also an optional premium processing fee of $1,410 should it be necessary to get a rapid response from the U.S. Government due to filing too close to the start date. (Note: In some cases, the start needs to be delayed for a semester, especially if the requested turnaround time is less than 6-8 weeks) 

Fees paid by the international faculty member:  The faculty member must go to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate to obtain a visa stamp before entering the U.S. or before returning to the U.S. The fees for the faculty and his/her family are variable. Photographs may also be required. 

Permanent Resident Status

Fees paid by the hiring unit: There are two options for obtaining Permanent Residency status, EB-2 Labor Certification and EB-1-2 Outstanding Professor or Researcher. These are labeled Option A and Option B, respectively, in the table. It is best to consult with BIO to determine which options is best for a specific case. The U.S. government filing fee of $1925 is the same for both, as is the BIO recharge fee of $1200. The difference is in the the attorney's fees of $6000 and $7500 for Options A and B, respectively.

Fees paid by the international faculty member:  The faculty member may need to pay for photographs, fingerprints, and a medical exam. In addition, the faculty member pays for filing fees for family members as indicated in the table. There is also an optional legal fee should the faculty member choose to use an attorney to file for an adjustment of status.