Leaves and duty modification

Academic appointees are eligible for a variety of paid and unpaid leaves and modifications of duty.

The document "Leaves and Workplace Modifications for Certain Senate Series," revised in June 2021, describes the process for requesting the following types of leaves and workload modifications for which Senate faculty (and some other titles) are eligible:

  • Medical Leave (per APM 710)

  • Active Service Modified Duties (per APM-760)

  • Childbearing Leave (per APM-760)

  • Parental Leave (per APM-760)

  • Caregiving Leave (per APM 715)

  • Temporary Workload Modification for Caregiving

  • Bereavement Leave

These benefits are designed to support faculty with a medical condition, a caregiving need, a new child, or a death in the family. Each has an application process which requires documentation but preserves privacy to the extent possible. Faculty with questions may contact OFEW or APO for consultation.