Search Waivers and Exemptions

Search Waiver Guidelines for Academic Appointees 

A diverse academic employee workforce supports our academic mission of excellence in teaching, research, and service, and reflects our commitment to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. Moreover, as a federal contractor, UC Berkeley is required to provide equal employment opportunity and to identify and address underutilization of protected classes, including women, underrepresented minorities, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans in academic job groups. By conducting open searches to fill the majority of new or vacant academic positions, the University fulfills federal and state requirements, and simultaneously maintains its standing as a public university dedicated to serving the needs of an increasingly diverse state.

In rare circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis, the requirement of conducting an open search prior to review for appointment may be waived. At a minimum, individuals under consideration for appointment without conducting an open search must meet the high expectations for employment at UC Berkeley. In addition, contributions in all areas of achievement that promote equal opportunity and diversity are included as part of the consideration for approving a search waiver.

The Office for Faculty Equity and Welfare is charged with review of search waiver requests. The senate search waiver guidelines and non-senate search waiver guidelines are the basis for a decision to approve or decline a request. When submitting a search waiver request, it is important to provide a concise explanation with evidence that one of the search waiver categories applies for the proposed appointment.

Waivers should be made for the minimum duration of time required; they cannot be extended nor repeated, unless specifically noted below. In limited situations as specified below, waivers of indefinite duration may be approved for a particular appointee while s/he holds a specific position.

More information can be found on our search waiver definitions page.

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