Senate Faculty Search Waivers

Target of Excellence: A search waiver may be considered for cases where there is an unusual opportunity to hire an individual whose distinctive qualifications and extraordinary promise or accomplishments will contribute significantly to the excellence of the academic mission of the University. Three criteria must be met:

1)      The individual would be on the short list of top candidates if an open search was conducted

2)      The individual is on the market for a very limited time period

3)      The individual fits into one of three categories:

  • an internationally recognized leader in a particular field (e.g., a Nobel Laureate or a Pulitzer Prize winner)
  • an associate professor who is leading a new field of inquiry
  • an exceptional scholar who provides a rare opportunity to diversify the research portfolio of a unit or make other contributions to diversity and equal opportunity in the unit

The request for granting a waiver must show how the three criteria are met, and include why it is not possible to conduct an open search in which the individual would be an applicant. This search waiver is of indefinite duration.


Spousal/Partner Hire: The University of California recognizes that addressing the needs of dual career couples is an essential part of recruiting and retaining the highest quality faculty. A search waiver may be considered if the successful recruitment or retention of a senate faculty member is ultimately dependent on an academic appointment for his or her spouse/partner. A spouse/partner hire into a campus  appointment is not an entitlement. Every spouse/partner hire must meet the qualifications and standard of excellence for the appropriate appointment. A spouse/partner hire is contingent on ultimate employment or retention of the associated  individual. This search waiver is of indefinite duration.


President’s and Chancellors’ Postdoctoral Fellowship Recipients: A search waiver may be considered if the candidate is a current or former recipient of a UC President’s or Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship. These UC postdoctoral fellowship programs  support outstanding scholars in all fields whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity and equal opportunity at UC. A list of current and former fellows is available at is external). This search waiver is of indefinite duration.