Attestation, Disclosure, and Reference Checking Regarding Prior Misconduct for Senate Faculty Applicants (Pilot Program, 2023-24)

The University of California is committed to creating and maintaining a community dedicated to the advancement, application, and transmission of knowledge and creative endeavors through academic excellence, where all individuals who participate in University programs and activities can work and learn together in a safe and secure environment, free of violence, harassment, discrimination, exploitation, or intimidation. 

Consistent with this commitment, UC Berkeley requires all applicants for Senate faculty positions to sign and upload, as part of their application for a Senate faculty position, an authorization of information release form regarding past substantiated allegations of misconduct (i.e., conduct related to discrimination, harassment or retaliation in connection with an individual’s protected status or to sexual violence and sexual harassment) at a prior place of employment within the previous ten year period.

Applicants selected as the candidate to whom the hiring unit would like to extend a formal offer will be asked, as part of the soft offer stage, to complete and sign an attestation/disclosure form regarding open investigations, ongoing disciplinary proceedings, or substantiated allegations of misconduct at their current or a previous place of employment within the preceding ten years. No formal offer will be extended to a candidate who declines to complete and sign the required forms.

The campus will conduct a reference check with prior employer(s), per the authorization of information release, to corroborate substantiated findings of misconduct disclosed on the attestation/disclosure form, prior to extending a formal offer of employment. Information obtained through this process will be maintained in accordance with the confidentiality, record retention, and other applicable policies and procedures established by the University of California, and in accordance with applicable law. The campus will conduct an individualized assessment of any information received, including the nature of the conduct, the length of time passed, any corrective action taken, and any explanation offered by the candidate. Submitting false information on the Attestation/Disclosure form could result in the withdrawal of an offer or termination of a faculty position.