Faculty Ombuds

The Faculty Ombuds role

The Faculty Ombuds role is a confidential, informal, impartial resource for faculty experiencing work-related problems and conflicts. The Faculty Ombuds assists faculty in finding non-confrontational solutions to problems involving other members of the University. 

The Faculty Ombuds will listen, suggest, obtain information, and informally facilitate conversations, as appropriate, to achieve informal resolution of concerns. The Faculty Ombuds may satisfy the needs of the complainant by simply acting as a neutral sounding board and source of advice as to how that person may solve their own problem. The Faculty Ombuds does not investigate, take sides, or issue findings. They do not keep written records. They subscribe to a code of conduct assuring impartiality and confidentiality.

How do I contact the Faculty Ombuds?

Prof. Emerita Angelica Stacy (formerly Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty) will be serving as the initial incumbent of this position. 

If you are a faculty member and wish to set up a confidential meeting with the Faculty Ombuds, please call 510-642-8788 to request an appointment. You can leave your phone number, and your call will normally be returned within one business day.

What if I just have a question or concern that is not confidential?

You can contact the Faculty Ombuds with non-confidential matters too. However, OFEW and the Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty are still available to you to answer general questions about rights, options, and university processes, and to provide consultation on matters of faculty equity and welfare. You can email the Office of Faculty Equity & Welfare at ofew@berkeley.edu, and your question will be answered directly or referred to the Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty, as appropriate. You may also contact the Associate Vice Provost directly at avpf@berkeley.edu

History and background

In the past, the ombuds function for faculty was fulfilled by Senate faculty appointed to the Faculty Ombuds Committee (OMB) of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate. In 2021-22, per mutual agreement between the Senate and the Administration, the OMB role was phased out and replaced by a paid, professionally trained Faculty Ombuds role within the Division of the Vice Provost for the Faculty.

Other Ombuds offices

Berkeley has several other Ombuds offices as well. No matter where you start, you will be referred to the right place to address your concern.