Search Report Checklist for Pool Recruitments

This checklist should be used for search reports for pool recruitments with multiple rounds of review/hiring. 

Verify that all of the following items are complete before submitting for central campus review. For detailed information on academic recruitment policies, refer to the Non-Senate Search Guide.

1. The search report name includes the round of review and the name(s) of the proposed candidate(s).

2. The correct review date has been selected for the search report and the proposed candidate(s) for this round appears in the search report PDF.

Applicant statuses

3. All applicants have the appropriate status:

  • Selected applicants are marked Proposed candidate
  • Interviewed applicants are marked Interviewed (Note: alternate candidates must be interviewed)
  • Duplicate applications or applicants who do not respond to interview requests are marked as withdrawn
  • Candidates with approved search reports in previous rounds have updated statuses (Offered, Accepted offer, Hired, etc.), as appropriate
  • Withdrawn applicants are marked Withdrawn
  • No applicants have statuses of Offered, Accepted offer, or Hired prior to an approved search report

4. The proposed offer information (including anticipated start date) is entered for all proposed candidates.

5. The anticipated start dates for all proposed candidates are in the future (start dates must be after the search report is approved).

Applicant disposition information

6. Applicants only have 1 - 2 rounds of disposition information included. Prior round information is removed for all applicants, with the exception of information indicating the round of interview for interviewed candidates (e.g., "ROUND 2 INTERVIEW") and the reason for deselection for 'permanently deselected' applicants.

Deselected Applicants

7. All deselected applicants have a disposition reason and/or comment entered for this round that indicates specifically why they were deselected. (All applicants must be reviewed for all courses/hiring needs in each round, unless they were permanently deselected in a previous round.)

8. All disposition reasons/comments are relevant to the description of the position and stated qualifications (e.g. a lecturer applicant cannot be assessed on research skills/publications). Applicants also cannot be assessed based on assumptions (e.g., assuming a candidate would not take the job because they live far away).

9. For all individuals who did not meet the basic qualifications. Confirm applicants have been reviewed correctly and the disposition reason/comment indicates what basic qualification they do not possess.

10. For any duplicate applications, "duplicate application” is included in the disposition comment.

11. For each interviewed applicant, the disposition comment includes a few sentences explaining why they were not chosen as the proposed candidate based on the selection criteria, and indicates the round they were interviewed in capital letters (e.g., "ROUND 2 INTERVIEW").

12. For any applicants that will not be considered in future rounds of review, "permanently deselected" is included in the disposition reason or disposition comment. 

Alternates (interviewed applicants that the committee would like to hire if the proposed candidate(s) withdraws)

13. Any alternate candidates are assigned the "alternate for position” disposition reason and their disposition comment indicates the round they are an alternate in (e.g., "ROUND 2 ALTERNATE").

14. For any alternate candidates, the disposition comment explains their strengths (why the department would like to hire them if the proposed candidate withdraws), and their weaknesses (why they were not selected as the proposed candidate).

Proposed Candidates

15. The disposition comment for each proposed candidate includes a few sentences explaining specifically why they were selected as the proposed candidate based on the selection criteria, and indicates the round they are being selected for. Do not select a disposition reason for the proposed candidate. 

Interview materials

16. The interview questions have been uploaded. 

17. The interview notes for all interviewed candidates have been uploaded. Interview notes must be in one of the following formats:

  • Notes on each candidate’s response to each question (can be typed or handwritten)

  • Summary of interview responses for each candidate

  • Ranking sheet/evaluation template completed for each interviewed candidate

Search committee narrative

Required for all titles except lecturers, teacher-special programs, postdoctoral fellows, specialists, project scientists, and continuing educators.

18. For all non-senate searches with titles not listed above, there is a search committee narrative uploaded to the Letters and memos section that includes all the information listed in the search committee narrative section of the search guide (found in the Documentation section under ‘Completing the Search Report’).