Academic Affirmative Action Plan

The UC Berkeley Academic Affirmative Action Plan serves as a working document that outlines UC Berkeley's policies, responsibilities, priorities and programs for ensuring equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.

As an employer that receives federal contract and grants funds, the University of California must maintain an affirmative action plan. The plan is evaluated, monitored, and updated annually.

As a federal contractor, the University of California has an obligation to comply with affirmative action regulations governing all levels of employment, including academic personnel practices. The University also has an obligation to comply with state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, national origin, and other protected categories.

Additionally, the University engages in voluntary practices promoting values of diversity and equal opportunity. These are important vehicles for expressing the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research that will serve the needs of our increasingly diverse state, nation and world. UCB is committed to making efforts to achieve and maintain a diverse faculty.

As part of its commitment to affirmative action, the University sets annual recruitment (or placement) goals for women and minorities, utilization goals for individuals with disabilities, and hiring benchmarks for protected veterans. It also makes and monitors good faith efforts to reach those goals.

The purpose of AA goals is to serve as a campus wide guide to underrepresentation in our workforce. Recruitment efforts should specifically outreach to identified groups, ensuring a diverse pool of applicants. For more information about the Academic Affirmative Action Plan, please email

More information can be found on the People and Culture website.