Faculty Link Forums

The Faculty Link forums are facilitated by Faculty Core Advisors to discuss a variety of topics related to both scholarship and campus/department/unit climate. They provide opportunities for meaningful discussion and career support, and foster connections and community. 

All forums will be held via Zoom. The first hour will be a discussion with our Core Advisors moderated by Faculty Link program faculty leads, Rudy Mendoza-Denton and Kris Gutiérrez, followed by 30 minutes of optional informal conversation and networking. Please register in advance to attend. Participants will be sent the Zoom link after registering.

Please note: The forums are currently limited to senate faculty members, adjunct faculty, clinical faculty, and cooperative extension specialists.

Fall 2021

What's my identity?

Co-sponsored by the Division of Equity & Inclusion, Office of Faculty and Departmental Diversity Initiatives

October 8, 2021 - 9:30 - 11:00am

What do you want to be known for? Where should you put your energies? How does one prioritize research, teaching, public service, administration, and other myriad opportunities-- and how do these choices affect your professional identity? These questions are applicable at any stage of an academic career. This forum will provide a space for faculty at various career stages to reflect on where they have been, where they may be going, or perhaps just to listen as you start to think about these issues.

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Sonia Katyal, Law

Rodrigo Almeida, Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Linda Rugg, Scandinavian

Max Auffhammer, Agricultural & Resource Economics, International and Area Studies

Mentorship as a community of practice

Co-sponsored by the Graduate Division, Office for Graduate Diversity

November 4, 2021 - 1:00 - 2:30pm

Mentoring is something that we all do, but not all of us have been able to take time to reflect on the practice of mentorship. How do you make your mentorship more efficient, impactful, and sustainable? This forum will focus on creating inclusive learning environments through mentorship. Rather than a strict hierarchy, a mentoring community of practice can harness the collective, where everyone has the opportunity to be both mentor and mentee. We will discuss strategies, opportunities, rewards, and challenges associated with a mentoring community of practice. 

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Allan deSouza, Art Practice

Kris Gutiérrez, Education

Donna Jones, English

Martin Head-Gordon, Chemistry

#$^%*! Now what?? Dealing with rejection in the academy

Co-sponsored by the Berkeley Research Development Office

December 3, 2021 - 1:00 - 2:30pm

Research has shown that when people experience rejection, the same areas of the brain associated with pain become active. But is this true when your grants, papers, symposia, or book manuscripts are rejected? It sure feels that way. This forum will focus on ways that your colleagues deal with rejection and find the strength to get back up and keep going. We will also discuss support systems at the university that can help you with both writing as well as grant submission and support.

Core Advisors facilitating discussion:

Joel Moore, Physics

Adrian Aguilera, Social Welfare

Matthew Francis, Chemistry