Identity Gatherings

The Identity gatherings emerged in response to faculty desires to convene, at times, along particular identities. These informal convenings are an opportunity for faculty to come together in community, get to know each other, and share resources and support. Each is hosted by one or two Faculty Link Core Advisors. 

Please also feel free to request a particular gathering.

Please note: These identity gatherings are currently limited to senate faculty members, adjunct faculty, clinical faculty, and cooperative extension specialists.

Fall 2022 Identity Gatherings

All gatherings will be held on Zoom. Please register in advance to attend.

Gathering for Faculty Parents

October 7th, 10 - 11am

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Donna Jones


Adrian Aguilera

Social Welfare

LGBTQ+ Faculty Gathering

December 8th, 2 - 3pm

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Sonia Katyal


Noah Whiteman

Integrative Biology/Molecular and Cell Biology

Latinx Faculty Gathering

September 15th, 2 - 3pm

Kris Gutiérrez


Rudy Mendoza-Denton


AAPI Faculty Gathering

September 29th, 2 - 3pm

Al-An deSouza

Art Practice

Thomas Philip


Previous gatherings

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  • Black Faculty
  • LGBTQ+ Faculty
  • Latinx Faculty
  • Latinx Faculty
  • LGBTQ+ Faculty
  • Faculty Parents
  • AAPI Faculty
  • Black Faculty
  • Latinx Faculty
  • LSOE/LPSOE Faculty