Faculty Link Forums

Faculty Link forums are designed to bring together faculty from across campus to discuss various elements of the faculty experience in an open discussion. Our faculty co-leads will host the forum and prompt faculty Core Advisor panelists to share their experiences, insights, and tips relating to the forum topic. We encourage attendees to join the discussion and share their own questions, ideas, and expertise. Please register in advance to attend. 

Please note: The forums are currently limited to senate faculty members, adjunct faculty, clinical faculty, and cooperative extension specialists.

Participant feedback:

"I think the program is great. I liked that it was just the right number of people to connect and learn from one another. Thank you for doing this.”

“Wonderful tone, very full participation among presenters and attendees, substantive advice received”

Spring 2023 Forums

All forums will be held on Zoom. Please register in advance to attend.

February 23rd

3:00 - 4:30pm

Capstones and Consolidation: Thriving creatively in later career

As faculty consider their later academic career, common questions include whether to continue to do more of the same general work that has been successful, or to do something new or different with the array of accrued expertise and knowledge of a decades-long career. Thriving in later career can involve career capstones, new research directions, new professional roles, shifting of efforts, and more. Faculty Core Advisors will share some of the ways in which they have thrived creatively during this time period, and the resources or support they received or wish they had. Guest emeriti will join us to discuss their activities in later career, as well as their current scholarly and other endeavors at Berkeley.

Core Advisors Facilitating Discussion:

  • Teresa Caldeira, City & Regional Planning
  • Al-An deSouza, Art Practice
  • Special guest: John Swartzberg, Public Health
  • Special guest: Robert Knight, Psychology/Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute

March 23rd

10:00 - 11:30am

Empirical Work for the Public Good: Strategies for community-engaged research

Faculty across many disciplinary areas engage in community-partnered scholarship, and others are interested in expanding their current portfolio of research in this way. In this forum, Faculty Core Advisors and guests will discuss successful strategies for conducting community-engaged research, including receiving appropriate recognition in merit and promotion, increasing visibility of this type of work within and outside Berkeley, and strategies for managing challenges that can arise with these types of efforts.

Core Advisors Facilitating Discussion: 

  • Lisa García Bedolla, Education
  • Kris Gutiérrez, Education
  • Special guest: TBD

April 14th

10:00 - 11:30am

Publishing for Broad, Non-Academic Audiences

Many faculty want to move beyond the traditional narrow audience for their academic work to translate their ideas to a broader non-academic audience. Some faculty seek to inform or influence public policy, engage in discourse on major issues of the day, explain the significance of new discoveries, or to broaden the public’s understanding of complex issues. In this Forum, Faculty Core Advisors will share some of the ways in which they have approached this work, including engaging public interest in a new and interesting field; determining the best outlets (e.g., news, podcasts, blogs, speaking tours, non-academic journals, digital media, trade books); making the appropriate connections to garner interest in their ideas; finding a publisher for trade books; and capturing the significance and contribution of these types of activities for merit/promotion.

Core Advisors Facilitating Discussion:

  • Noah Whiteman, Integrative Biology/Molecular & Cell Biology
  • Maximilian Auffhammer, Agricultural & Resource Economics/International & Area Studies
  • Special guest: Alison Gopnik, Psychology

Past Forums

Fall 2022

  • Telling your Story: Making your best case for merits and promotion
  • From Service to Opportunity: Using department, campus, and professional service to support your career goals

Spring 2022

  • What is the "new normal"?
  • Writing the second book: Getting started, getting finished, and everything that happens in between
  • Cultivating corporate or philanthropic funding for your research

Fall 2021

  • What’s my identity?: What do you want to be known for and how do you shape your professional identity
  • Mentorship as a community of practice
  • #$^%*! Now what?? Dealing with rejection in the academy

Spring 2021

  • Finding balance? The gift and the curse of a flexible faculty life
  • Pivoting or pirouetting: Starting a new research project or changing your research course at any point in your career
  • How Does This Campus Actually Work? Demystifying how and where things get done so you can be most successful

Fall 2020

  • Taking Care of the Flock (and Yourself): Mentoring in the time of Covid
  • Navigating Choppy Waters: Promoting healthy relationships with department colleagues

Spring 2020

  • I Need Money: Overcoming Hurdles to Getting Grants
  • Is my summer a total wash?!?! Strategies for maintaining productivity, catching up, or just staying afloat over the summer