Guidance for those seeking to address bullying

Welcome! On this site you will find information about how to promote an academic environment which is healthy, respectful, and free of the pernicious effects of bullying, harassing, or abusive behavior.

Berkeley faculty, staff and students aim to work at a consistently high standard and provide quality research, teaching, and service. This is only fully possible in a work environment in which all feel respected, welcome, and included. 

Whether intentional or not, some behaviors have a predictable, negative impact on others. Individuals may not always recognize the ways in which their actions are unwelcome or make others feel unwelcome. Left unchecked, these behaviors have a negative impact on others and diminish Berkeley’s excellence. Such behaviors also detract from a faculty member’s ability to be fully effective in teaching, research, and service.

The campus has many resources for those who seek support in understanding the impact of bullying and disruptive behavior. Each of the following guides provide support for those who are impacted by or seeking to address/avoid/prevent bullying behavior, of the type described in Guidelines for Preventing and Responding to Faculty Bullying and Other Demeaning and Disruptive Behavior: