Part 6: Evaluating and Adjusting

Part 6 emphasizes the importance of checking in at various scheduled and non-scheduled points in the process to evaluate how things are going and adjust as needed. You may get stuck or get derailed; use this time to evaluate and adjust. The Climate Survey gives you an opportunity to evaluate the results of your plan and actions. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements along the way!

Evaluate the Process

Take time throughout the process to ask these questions.

  • Is your plan being carried out?

  • How well did your plan work out?

    • Did you leave out any steps?

    • Was there enough time?

    • Was there enough money in the budget?

    • How did you respond to any emerging issues?

  • What has been achieved thus far?

  • Did you engage the right partners at the right time?

  • What are your constituents saying?

  • How effectively did you handle conflicts or disagreements?

Evaluate the Results

At key completion moments or endings, ask these questions.

  • What changes did you want to see in behaviors and attitudes? 

  • Did you see these changes?

  • Did you celebrate the achievements (even the small ones)?

Create Systems for Feedback

Here are some ideas for building in systems of feedback and evaluation.

  • Receive ongoing feedback from your constituents through an anonymous form

  • See what your constituents are saying at standing meetings or one-on-ones, e.g. faculty or staff meetings

  • Check in at the end of each committee meeting

  • Explore how things went after an activity is completed or halfway through the activity

Adjust and Adapt

In order to keep moving forward, adjustments may need to occur and you or your constituents may need to adapt. Before you adjust and adapt: 

  • Take a step back

  • Reconnect to your why

  • Brainstorm options

  • Take a break

  • Admit mistakes

  • Let go of what’s not working

  • Know your needs

  • Shift your perspective

  • Do one thing, not all of the things

  • Reach out for help

Here are also key questions you can ask after you evaluate the process or the results.

  • Are we ready to take the next step?

  • What needs to change?

  • What is the next step?