Examples and Resources

There are many examples of activities that contribute diversity and equity, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Service that increases the participation of historically under-represented groups in science, engineering, arts, humanities, education, social sciences, management and other fields. This could include involvement in outreach, tutoring, or other programs designed to remove barriers facing women, minorities, veterans, people with disabilities or other individuals who are members of groups that been historically excluded from higher education.

  • Teaching, advising, and/or mentoring of students who are under-represented or under-served in higher education.

  • Development or use of pedagogies that address different learning styles and/or learning disabilities.

  • Research that contributes to understanding the barriers facing women and under-represented minorities in higher education or that otherwise contributes to diversity and equal opportunity, including artistic expression and cultural production that reflects culturally diverse communities or voices under-represented in the arts and humanities.

These examples of Contributions to Diversity Statements may provide additional guidance on identifying contributions to diversity and preparing a personal statement.

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